Gaby’s Saint Name Day Gabriella Vargas–$ Play the first power on your saint card: Add +2 instead.


Anniversary of the Oscars Mix-Up $ Confront a non-true threat – Sacrifice a gift and the threat: Confront a new threat instead.


Hiram R. Revels Sworn In After 1870 Election $ Evaluate or Mutate – Cite a fact about Hiram R. Revels and recycle 1 random card: Flip 1 die.


Ancient Rome’s Extra Month Begins The first time exactly 1 card is in the clock, you may shuffle 5 new omens into the clock.


National Dog Biscuit Day $ Play an Ally gift with an animal in the art: Lower the cost by 1.


22-Feb $ Evaluate: If you roll three 2s, flip them.


Opportunity Dies on Mars $ Play a Golem gift: Lower the cost by 1.


World Day of Social Justice Mission Win: # Draw 1 new Ally gift of any virtue.


Anniversary of the Huaynaputina Eruption $ Win vs. a Serpents card: Draw a new Omen and immediately play it. You may not use this power again this turn.


90th Anniversary of the Discovery of Pluto $ Play the gift Planisphere, Star Chamber, or Star Clock: Lower the cost by 1.