“Hello Dolly” Opens on Broadway (1964) $ Evaluate in a mission that you’re replaying: Add 1.


Nebuchadnezzar Lays Siege to Jerusalem (588 B.C.) $ Play a Rage gift vs. a Dreamer threat or play a Dreamer gift: Lower the cost twice.


Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day $ Mission Lose – Sacrifice 1 fleeting fragment: Do not gain a death.


Death of James Joyce (1941) $ Start – Narrate your turn as a stream of thought: In End, heal % equal to your Mind virtue.


“Batman” Premieres on TV (1966) $ Evaluate vs. a threat – Recycle a gift and voice your Bat-Fight Sound Effects: Add 3 bonus dice. BIFF! KLONK! ZOWIEE!


Ethical Eating Day $ Avoid vs. an Animus or Skinwalker threat: You may avoid.


Fête du Vodoun River Batiste— $ Win vs. a Deathless threat: Examine 1.


Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Frank Block—$ Win vs. a gift: Draw 1 new gift of that type; choose 1 to keep and 1 to sacrifice.


Declaration of the War on Poverty (1964) $ Sacrifice or stash the omen Poverty: Reload it into a random saint’s deck instead. You may do this even if the cost is lowered.


Nicolas Cage’s Birthday (1964) $ Start vs. the true threat Wicker Man – Complain about the bees: Reroll 4s as well.