Talk Like a Pirate Day Miss’n End: Display a num’er o’ fragments equal t’ twice th’ amount o’ mateys. Each matey loots 2 fragments.


Alice of Hope Alice Moon—When using your Avoid power: You may examine the clock instead of your nexus; if it is an Omen of Doom, you may investigate.


Constitution Day $ Assemble vs. a non-true threat: Add 1 Body die.


Independence Day in Mexico Play a Serpents mission—$ Examine when you are the only saint at a nexus: Examine 1 more card.


Marco Polo’s Birthday (1254) $ Seal in an Along the Trail mission: $ May set aside all of the nexus’s remaining gifts into a presents stack. In Mission Win, 1 saint draws the presents stack.


First Prefrontal Lobotomy Performed in the US (1936) $ Assemble in a Physicians mission: Suffer 1 die of Mind damage to add that many bonus dice.


Day of the Programmer $ Evaluate – Keep a 2, a 5, and a 6: Go to Win.


The Book of River River Batiste—Mission Start: You may search your deck for the gift Grimoire and draw it.


September 11 $ Play the gift Trauma Kit: Lower the cost by 1.


Aviva’s Extravagance $ Assemble: If you have 2 or more skills that apply, use all that apply.